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    About Us

    "Yükseliş Pazarı" company was found in 1952, it was engaged in the sale of household appliances. Starting from 1998 our company also started selling furniture.
    The first store with a floor-space of 9000 sq m was opened on the 2nd of July 2005 in Antalya. In April 2014 the second store with a floor-space of 6200 sq m was opened. 
    We have all the necessary goods for home in our stores: furniture and home decoration, home accessories, garden furniture, carpets, lightning, household goods, kitchen appliances, home textile, toys and stationery, cycles.
    Our mission: We aim at giving our clients the possibility to find the necessary goods in a large variety in one place, thus saving and valuing their time, providing timely and quality service, making their life more comfortable, beautiful and a little bit happier.
    Concept of our store: After researching international and domestic markets, following design trends and watching the changes in peoples lifestyles, we search for and offer modern and quality goods in a large variety and in different price range. The management approach of our company is based on the innovation implementation and constant development. In order to better understand the needs of our customers we are doing our best to be faithful, have credibility and always work in team.